Launching Yoga & Baby – A few words on what and why

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Giving birth is a miracle. In fact, the entire process of conceiving and bearing a child is a miracle. To this day, and despite radical scientific advances in medically assisted procreation, we still don’t know exactly what it takes to create new life. The stars have to align, somehow, and I am infinitely grateful they did for me. Three months ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. What an intense, mindblowing experience.

When I found out I was pregnant, I switched over from my almost completed Hatha Yoga Teacher Training to Prenatal Yoga Teacher training: a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience first hand the effects of yoga and mindfulness practices on my pregnant body. Preparing this way for my own birth experience and sharing the knowledge with other pregnant women by teaching prenatal yoga triggered my passion for the topic. It was a period of discovery and learning about my own body, my physical and mental capacities as well as limitations.

So, when my son was born and we were going through many sleepless nights together, I started dreaming up (like, literally) this idea of a blog. In a dreamy state, I started to collect topics I’d like to write about in my head. Things I wish I’d known. Things I think every woman should know in order to experience an empowered birth. But also silly, everyday stuff I am sure most new mums are struggling with. I know there are tons of mummy-blogs out there. But hey, what’s the harm of yet another one – especially for all you yoginis out there, and mums who are just looking for some support! It takes a village to raise a child, they say. Why not a virtual one.

So, here it goes, it’s still somewhat in the making and will surely evolve over time, but hey, I have a 3 month old to take care of.

In the meantime, check it out, sign up, follow and share.

Peacefully yours,


  1. As hopefully becoming a midwife one day I am thrilled to read anything dealing with mums and babies. As a former classmate of yours I am of course very curious to hear how things are going for you and your little one!!! Keep me posted 💞

    • Hi Nici!!! How nice to see you here! Wonderful news that you are training to become a midwife! You have to keep me posted on that as well, and feel free to comment or send me any ideas you have. I am familiarizing myself with the work of doulas currently, perhaps one day that will complement my profile :). All the best, let’s stay in touch!

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